A Truly Southern Front Porch

We've kicked it into high gear at Norris House, and can now reveal a truly fabulous front porch.  Check it out!



Classic tongue & groove at your feet, and traditional beaded ceiling above - don't you love it?!  Don't worry - that's just a primer coat on the ceiling.  Traditional Southern haint blue is incoming shortly!  We're also missing quite a bit of gingerbread, but that too will be rectified in the coming weeks.

The floorboard color was a bit trickier to select.  We already had four colors in the palette on the exterior, and were wary of adding something else to the mix.  The issue: staying within the existing palette wouldn't work.  Going too light (the gray of the siding) or too dark (black) would look terrible with the dirt and grime you expect visitors to track in on the soles of their shoes.  We worked closely with our painter to select a darker gray within the family of our siding paint that will look great and perform beautifully no matter what gets tracked on it.