Beauty & Depth in Dark Window Sashes

The beauty is in the details, and that's especially true at Norris House.  We think the freshly painted black window sashes are spectacular:



Modern construction typically uses window sashes painted the same color as the window casing or trim.  Historically, things were handled differently.  Window sashes were typically painted in darker colors - usually dark green, dark red, dark brown or black.  The trim around the window was painted in a complimentary contrasting hue.  The contrasting colors added depth to the exterior, and made sure those windows visually pop.  We've seen some comparisons that dark paint on window sashes has a visual impact akin to eyeliner.  If you're interested in deploying this tactic at your house, there are some fairly particular instructions online about how to do it correctly from the folks at This Old House.

Suffice it to say, Norris House is now sporting her eyeliner!  The results are dramatic and most definitely attractive.