Inside Jobs: Demo Weeks

Things are humming along at Norris House - we hope your Monday is going just as well if not better!  

We spent a lot of time on the exterior of the house last week, because that's where the action is right now.  In weeks prior, we did a bunch of inside work on Norris House.  We haven't shown you much of the interior on the blog to date, so let's remedy that now.  Here are a few shots of the interior conditions generally, before we began work:

Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper may have demo day - we've had demo weeks.  It's taken a bit of time to get in there and open the walls, extract the drop grid ceilings and fluorescent light fixtures, pull out all the old wires and pipes, and dismantle the 7 bathrooms.  We did some asbestos abatement before work began, and the guys were careful in handling painted items as somewhere in the layers we've likely got lead paint.

While this work was ongoing, we were careful to preserve the historic trim and doors, as well as other original interior elements.  There are a few bits of character that survived the purge inside.  We've got a few arches, some with plaster corbels.  There's one original ceiling medallion at the front entry, and at the opposite end of the Victorian central hall we have an arched stained glass transom.  Although Norris House originally had multiple fireplaces, one remains.  It has an old solid stone surround that we're still evaluating - but it looks like red marble with some fine veining.  We'll post on these little pieces of history in more detail in the weeks to come!