A Curious Visitor

Happy Monday friends!  We hope your week has started off well so far.

Norris House has been nothing if not full of surprises.  On Friday, our surprises were of the critter variety.  See if you notice anything unusual in this shot of the first floor ceiling:

If you've not found him yet, look for the tell tale striped tail and a little grey foot lazily dangling down up there in the corner.  All prior visitors to Norris House have been focused on specific jobs.  Our first leisure visitor was a juvenile raccoon.

It was daytime so he was pretty drowsy.  No indication he was ill or ailing in any way - we think he just availed himself of entry via one of those gaping holes we discussed in an earlier blog post.  This morning he was nowhere to be found so perhaps our friend has moved on!  If he returns, we'll deploy a humane trap and get him relocated to a more suitable environment.  We won't kill him, and we won't let him linger due to a risk of getting trapped inside.  As cute as he is, he just can't stay inside Norris House.