Serious Progress

Things are really moving at Norris House now!  Take a look at her new front elevation:



The transformation is amazing!  The original front bays are back, and their windows are installed.  These were built in the exact footprints of the original Victorian masonry foundation of Norris House as uncovered during excavation.  The original foundation was not structurally sound so it had to be replaced, but we got exact measurements and recreated this new one exactly where the original stood.  

The efforts to be historically accurate didn't stop there.  The original bricks were hand formed.  Our team sourced and obtained truly hand made bricks for the front elevation.  Where possible, they even reused some of the original Victorian bricks from the original foundation.  The results are just beautiful, and we hope we'll be allowed to leave these unpainted.  That won't be an option on the other elevations where the foundation brick was painted, but we really do want to let these bricks shine through in their natural state.

There's more trim work to come on both the bays and the front porch, but this return to what she always was marks a huge transformation for Norris House.  It just makes us smile to look at her!